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What is Bolt? Bolt,mechanical parts, cylindrical threaded fasteners with nuts. A class of fasteners consisting of a head and a screw (a cylinder with an external thread) in conjunction with a nut for fastening two parts with a through hole. This form of connection is called bolt connection. If the nut is removed from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection. What are the bolt materials? 1. Some bolts are made of copper, and some bolts are made of stainless steel. Bolts made of copper can be divided into several types, such as pure copper, which is represented by T2 and T3. There is also oxygen free copper, with TU0, TU1 to represent. There is also oxygen free copper, with TU0, TU1 to represent. In life, it is generally distinguished by color, such as brass, red copper and bronze. 2. In addition, there are bolts made of titanium or carbon steel or iron. Bolts are made of different materials, and their performance characteristics will be slightly different. 3, if divided from its strength, there is a high strength bolt, and quenching treatment has a direct relationship, need to pass strict testing, can determine its strength is specific, if the addition of chromium, tensile strength will be improved, can reach 390PA.

Products Details

Thread Length Material
M10*1.0 20mm SS, ST, BR
M10*1.0 24mm SS, ST, BR
M10*1.25 20mm SS, ST, BR
M10*1.25 24mm SS, ST, BR
M10*1.5 25mm SS, ST, BR
M12*1.0 31mm SS, ST, BR
M12*1.0 24mm SS, ST, BR
M12*1.25 31mm SS, ST, BR
M12*1.25 24mm SS, ST, BR
M12*1.5 31mm SS, ST, BR
M12*1.5 24mm SS, ST, BR
AN3 20mm SS, ST, BR
AN3 25mm SS, ST, BR
AN4 25mm SS, ST, BR
AN4 32mm SS, ST, BR

Iron Materrial:

Pure iron is a metallic crystal with a silver-white metallic luster, usually gray to grayish-black amorphous fine grain or powder.

It has good ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity.

Strong ferromagnetism, belonging to magnetic materials.


Aluminum Material:

Aluminum is a silver-white light metal. It's malleable. Commodities are often made in the form of columns, rods, sheets, foils, powders, ribbons and filaments. In moist air can form an oxide film to prevent metal corrosion. It is widely used for its light, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high reflectance and oxidation resistance.


Stainless Steel Material:

Stainless steel is not easy to rust steel, in fact, a part of stainless steel, both rust, and acid resistance. Beautiful surface and diverse use possibilities;

Good corrosion resistance, durable than ordinary steel;

Good corrosion resistance;

High strength, so the possibility of using sheet;

High temperature oxidation resistance and high strength, so can resist fire;

Normal temperature processing, that is, easy plastic processing;

Because do not have to surface treatment, so simple, simple maintenance;

Clean, high finish;

Good welding performance.

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