Direct-Fit Oil Cooler Kit for Subaru BRZ and Scion: The86Shop Fitment Guide

2023-04-28 21:34:00 By : admin
article to provide more information about the Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit and its compatibility with forced induction applications.

Mishimoto, a leader in automotive performance products, has recently announced their all-new Direct-Fit Oil Cooler Kit specifically designed for the Subaru BRZ and Scion (need remove brand name). This kit is a great solution for those looking to maintain stable oil temperatures during demanding driving conditions or for those who track their vehicles. With Mishimoto's proven and tested oil cooling capabilities, this Direct-Fit Oil Cooler Kit is a perfect addition to any 86/BRZ build.
Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit (86/BRZ) - The86Shop

The Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit comes with everything you need for an easy installation, including a 19-row oil cooler, stainless steel braided and -AN lines, a sandwich plate, and a thermostatic oil sandwich plate. The sandwich plate allows for an easy install, as it sandwiches between the oil filter and engine block. The thermostatic plate ensures optimal oil temperature control, as it will restrict oil flow through the cooler until the oil is at operating temperature. It is also worth noting that this kit includes Mishimoto's lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

However, it is important to note that the Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit is not specifically recommended for forced induction applications (turbo or supercharged). Mishimoto recommends that those with forced induction options contact them for recommendations on which kit would be best suited for their needs.

Forced induction, such as turbocharging or supercharging, creates additional heat and stress on the engine, which can lead to higher oil temperatures. If not addressed properly, high oil temperatures can lead to engine damage and reduced performance. Forced induction setups require additional cooling and oil capacity to ensure that oil temperatures remain in a safe operating range. When installing an oil cooler on a turbo or supercharged engine, the oil cooler size and capacity must be considered, as well as the location and routing of the lines.

Mishimoto does offer oil cooler kits that are specifically designed for forced induction applications. These kits are larger in size and offer more cooling capacity to handle the increased heat generated by the forced induction system. In addition, these kits may come with additional components such as a turbo-specific sandwich plate or upgraded lines for increased flow and durability.

In conclusion, the Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit is a great addition to any non-forced induction 86/BRZ build. It offers easy installation and proven oil cooling capabilities to help maintain stable oil temperatures during demanding driving conditions. However, if you are running a forced induction setup, it is important to contact Mishimoto for recommendations on which oil cooler kit would best suit your needs. Mishimoto offers a range of oil cooler kits specifically designed for forced induction applications, ensuring that you have the necessary cooling and oil capacity to keep your engine running smoothly and reliably.